Filming Arcadia

The first-ever film version of Sidney's Arcadia, a ten-minute segment from Book 2, Chapter 17, should be ready this week.

Last summer, I contacted the Theater Department for some ideas on how to dramatize Sidney's work, particularly the scene I believe is the source of Juliet's meditation on Romeo's name. Instead of a staged reading (turtle necks, music stands, scripts), or even a video, in the end we managed to produce an actual film. It was shot on October 21, 2017,  along the Wabash River at Ft. Ouiatenon, just southwest of Purdue University.

The first rehearsals were a real thrill. Here are is a clip of the director, Jason Doty, working with with two graduate students, Brianna Lewing and Kenneth McNeil, and Kailey Merida, an undergraduate.

In this scene, after Pyrocles reveals that he has disguised himself as a warrior queen named Zelmane, Philoclea reluctantly abandons addressing him by that name, just as Juliet, when she sighs for "Romeo, Romeo, Romeo," is similarly reluctant to use the name Montague. Juliet must learn to love an enemy of her family. Philoclea now finds herself attracted to a man, not the woman she has admired.  

Here's a photo of the actual filming: